What You Need To Know About How To Fix A Car Door Lock Cylinder

What Is A Car Door Lock Cylinder?

This is the cylindrical tumbler inside the door where the key enters to unlock. These are common in older car models but due to automation are being phased out of modern car models. Normally, there are two lock cylinders in a car, on the driver’s and passenger’s side doors. Like any other kind of lock, with frequent use the lock cylinders get worn out and require to be fixed. Here is a look at how to fix a car door lock cylinder. You can only be successful in fixing a car door cylinder if you know when this is actually needed. This is very simple: if one door on one side is opening then the lock is the problem but if all doors on a particular side are not opening then probably the key is the problem. When worse comes to worst the cylinder will not release the key or it will cause it to break in the cylinder.

How To Fix A Car Door Lock Cylinder

When it comes to exactly how to fix a car door lock cylinder, there are two options, DIY (do it yourself) or call for professional help. Each of these has its advantages but here is a guide on how you can do this on your own. Since repairs are best carried out by professionals we will dwell on car door cylinder replacement.

Step By Step Guide

The tools you will need include a window handle puller, replacement cylinder kit, flat-head screw-driver and needle-nose pliers.

Step 1 – Unlock the door you will be working on and roll the car window up. Push the C-clip behind the door handle off the window handle with the window handle puller and remove the handle from the bar. Unlock the door lock and remove screws from the armrest and handle tray. Starting at the lower corners pry the clips away with the flat-head screwdriver and remove the inside door panel.

Step 2 – slide a hand to the back of the cylinder and use the needle-nose pliers to pull the bracket clip off then pull the lock cylinder outwards. You will see a smaller bracket at the back of the lock cylinder. This attaches to the cylinder via three tabs that can be dislodged using the needle-nose pliers.

Step 3 – To assemble the new lock cylinder, put the rubber gasket on the outward facing part and use the new small bracket to secure the gasket. Place the assembled lock into the hole and align with the cylinder slot.

Step 4 – place the big bracket the same way it was placed before and test the lock cylinder functionality using your keys. Return and secure the inside door panel.

Tips To Bear In Mind On How To Fix A Car Door Lock Cylinder

The door lock cylinder should be replaced as soon as any problems in functionality are noted. The problem should not be left to escalate as it could get worse and knowing how to fix a car door lock cylinder may not be enough. If the key gets stuck do not attempt to force it out as it could break or even refuse to start the ignition among other problems.